Survival Guide to a Week Without the Internet

Welcome, to my page! My name is Jessica and this is the page where I'll post my survival guide on how to survive a week without the internet. Today is March 27th 2020 - and tomorrow the United States will be without internet for a week. As this happens every 10 years I figured that I would help others by creating daily entrys of what to expect and how to prepare. Some of my friends have also decided to create survival guides here are thier links: Neocities MDST 3500.

Here is the history of Week Without the Internet, so people can understand why this occurs: In 1983 the internet was created. Because the internet was created in a totalitarian state they were able to control other governments through fear tactics. Now years later every country has their own government but is controlled by the totalitarian state. And as a reminder of the control the state has every 10 years they shut of the internet for a week, and force us to survive without it.

Things get CRAZY. Stores are looted, suplies are limited, crime rates rise exponentially, and the government usually ends up imposing Martial Law to calm things down.

Here's the links for each days survival guides: